Killer Whales in Morro Bay!

It was an an average morning in Morro Bay, I had opened the Azhiaziam Shop like I do everyday, and soon after a friend came in and said that there were Killer whales right off Morro Rock! I quickly closed the shop and drove out to the rock with all of my camera gear and sure enough, there they were! An entire pod of them, seemingly feeding on a whale carcass. After about an hour of shooting I realized the action was moving out to sea, so I called a friend who had a boat and jammed as fast as possible to the dock to meet up and head out to sea with Captain Cale Moore... Once we arrived on scene out passed the Rock, we noticed the Killer whales were not feeding on a dead whale, but actually separating a calf from its mother, so that they could violently tear the calves tongue from its mouth. A very depressing sight to witness as the mother tried her hardest to keep the Killers away from her baby. To no avail all of her hard work was in vain as the baby whale washed up the next day with hundreds of bite marks all over its body. Not one of the my favorite shoots, but worth documenting and definitely a life experience I will never forget!