AzHiAzIaM in Jimmy Buffet video with Martina McBride

by #TheRealMikeJones

I remember the day well, way back in 2007, someone came into the AzHiazIaM shop in Los Osos Ca.and said he had been watching CMT (Country Music Television) and he saw AzHiAzIaM in one of the music videos, but he could not remember which musicians they were... Doh! I was asking everyone if they had seen it and someone told me it was in the Martina McBride and Jimmy Buffet Duet "Trip Around the Sun" I found the video and watched with anticipation for the logo and as soon as McBride sings "Every day's a revolution" you get three frames with AzHiAzIaM in them, seemingly intentional, in rythem with the song. It turns out that our Team rider Anthony Osement had a friend that was related to Jimmy and once Jimmy saw the AzhiaziaM on the surfboard, Jimmy had to have it in the video. The rest is history.