Profile: Julio SantaCruzJJ

We first met Julio about 13 years ago, when AzHiAzIaM was just a few years old. He was in the  Metal Band Aurora and he had spent some time in Cali on the Central Coast with a friend from Brazil (Theo), that was helping us cut stickers and watch the shop. 

Fast forward many years and back in Brazil Julio Lima has been training Gracie Jiu-Jitsu since 1996/97. He became obsessed at first, by watching Royce Gracie in UFC1. He has only Trained in Gracie Academies, a perfect “pedigree”.
His first Professor was Rilion Gracie, known by many of The family, as the best guard player of all. Then Renzo Gracie and for The last 5 years, Grand Master Relson Gracie, a living legend, and The only one called “Campeão or The Champion” by his father Hélio Gracie.
Julio is one of two Brazilians, ever been promoted To Black Belt by Relson Gracie himself.
Julio has been running The Relson Gracie Curitiba Academy, The only one in South Brazil for The last 5 years.

We are stoked to see Julio living his dreams at such a high level. AzHiAzIaM